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Farah’s Table

Welcome at Farah’s table filled with the best food. Enjoying the evening without any worries. And even unconsciously being sustainable, because the entire dinner will be vegetarian (or vegan), will be out of local produce and very little (plastic) trash.

Sounds good? This is what Farah’s table offers. From a healthy ‘shared dinner’ at a yoga retraite to a private 4-course dinner at your home… I will take care of your dinner with a lot of love and passion.

For more information check my “services” and don’t hesitate to contact me!

Yoga retraites or training

Organising a yoga retraite or training? I will look after healthy and natural meals which add that little bit of extra to guests experience.

It could be me taking care of a daily lunch and dinner or taking care of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and coffee/tea on location.

I’m also organising a vegan yoga retreat with Rebecca from In-Jou Yoga in October 2020. Wanna join or like to know more? Check out this link!

Private dinners

Would you like to arrange a big dinner but you would rather spend the time with your guests instead of in the kitchen? Then hire me! As a private chef I’ll join you(with groceries) and prepare your dinner for you. Even the dishes will be done. So you can wine and dine with your guests.


Having a babyshower soon but missing snacks? Would you like to have a vegetarian dinner at your wedding reception? Or having a party and want a wide range of appetizers?

I would love to prepare this for you and your guests.

Vegan take away

I started a vegan take away. Every Friday I cook delicious vegan meals for you. Don’t feel like cooking? Come get your vegan meal in Terneuzen. Home made with love, vegan, affordable and most of all delicious! Check Facebook or Instagram for the menu and order through WhatsApp (+31634536373).

Curious what I can do for you?


Who is Farah?

Soon after finishing my studies as a social worker, I figured out this wasn’t the kind of job I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I made the decision to quit my job and travel the world.

While travelling I fell in love with the world and found out that you have to chase your dreams and that you can make your hobby into your job. That is how the plan started to do something with my passion for cooking and good food. Especially because I love that eating together bonds people.

Therefore I started working as a kitchen help to gather experience. Slowly I worked my way up as a chef in a small Italian restaurant.

Meanwhile I kept travelling, gather experience(i.e. helping with Italian cooking courses), and tried finding a way to form my future career.

Because I adore the world this much, I find it important to contribute to sustainability and prevention of climate change. I eat vegetarian (occasionally vegan) because the bio industry is a large environmental polluter. I try as much as possible to use produce from my direct surroundings and to use less ingredients which are from faraway places to not burden the environment as much. I also try to use as little packaging as possible to limit trash.

That is how the idea for Farah’s Table came to life: bond people, inspire to a more sustainable lifestyle, but most of all; letting people enjoy incredibly delicious food!

Will I be seeing you soon at Farah’s Table?



Please see below calendar for upcoming events organised by Farah’s Table.